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29 Mar

OK so I’m a secret Archers Fan… I’ve said it publicly and now I feel much better :-)

Believe it or not, I hate Soaps! Truly, but then again I don’t view the Archers as a soap. It’s just a lovely day to day¬†account of life in a rural area of Britain and the issues that face both the farming and the local community.

Anyway, I am an avid listen and I download the Omnibus onto my iPhone on a Monday and listen to it whilst in the car. But even Archers Fans have holidays, and so at some point I will inevitably miss a week or two.

The problem is that the BBC only keeps a copy of the last week’s action, so if it’s a two week¬†holiday I’m going to miss one or two Omnibuses… Oh dear I hear you cry, but yes, it is Oh dear and a lot of other descriptions! Over the years I have tried to hunt around on the Internet to download a past episode, but mostly to no avail, so my dear friends, this is what I’ve done…

I have posted EVERY Podcast of the Omnibus additions on my website! Yes, you can now go and listen, or download, any episode you like on your computer. That means that whilst at work you can listen to any of the past Omnibuses on your PC… thanks to this crazy Archers fan!

OK, what’s in it for me? Not a lot, but a little! I got frustrated trying to find Omnibuses that I had missed so I though that I would do something about it. It makes me feel good that I can help a few people… selfish really.

Happy listening…

Best wishes,


Oh yes, the link… click here to ENJOY!


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